...beautifully made and rather special...

...exquisitely made – workmanship is top notch...’s gorgeous – thank you.. fabulous....
...the epitome of canine style....

...beautifully designed....

...the dog bed is fab....

....the new collar is perfect....

....loved the detail....

...the coats are really beautiful....

....the most beautiful collar....

...absolutely perfect....


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Channel 4: LoveMyDog & Posh Dogs

Thursday, March 17th, 2016

LoveMyDog - Designer Dogwear / Posh Dogs

“Don’t get jealous that these dogs live a flashier life than you. Designer clothes, parties and five-star hotels meet the pampered pooches whose owners treat them like children”

LoveMyDog - Designer Dogwear / Posh Dogs

LoveMyDog’s pet muse Rabbit was recently the star in the Channel 4 Shorts Series Posh Dogs. The short film was titled Furry Fashionista and featured a high-end fashion shoot.

LoveMyDog - Designer Dogwear / Posh Dogs

Creative Director Lilly Shahravesh says, “When I was contacted by Channel 4 to work with on this new project, the challenge was to create a short film that will show a slice of a day in the life of the LoveMyDog studios.”

LoveMyDog - Designer Dogwear / Posh Dogs

“I really wanted people to get an insight in to the creative side of the business and I think the film has achieved that really well.”

LoveMyDog - Designer Dogwear / Posh Dogs

“I love textiles and I love dogs so the combination of the two is a total dream job for me!”

LoveMyDog - Designer Dogwear / Posh Dogs

If you’re in the UK you can watch the Posh Dogs series via

The AT ‘Dogwalk’

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Joanne Good and Anna Webb from BBC Radio’s Barking at the Moon show were on the Alan Titchmarsh show yesterday. A dogwalk took part at the end of the show, promoting some of the latest in doggy fashion. (more…)

Battersea’s reunion day

Monday, September 17th, 2012

LoveMyDog’s Creative Director Lilly Shahravesh was one of the judges at Battersea’s recent reunion day.

Held at Battersea Park, the day was great fun with lots of people out to enjoy the weather and support the great work Battersea does in rehoming so many dogs and cats.

Joining Lilly in the ‘Handsomest Dog Category’ was Battersea’s vet Phil (recognise him from the telly?), Fiona (a nutritionist from Burns) and a Pearly King & Queen. The final judge was David Levy from The Stafford Magazine, who is also a judge of championship shows.

The winning dog was a gorgeous fawn coloured staffie called Scully. Congratulations Scully!

Photo of Scully courtesy of Clint Images |


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