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Seven signs you’re a Whippet owner

Friday, June 17th, 2016

Fast and curious: here’s what life is like when you share it with a sighthound (clue: they’re not for everyone).

BEANS 2-018_f1

Whippets are far from a poor man’s greyhound. Though they strongly resemble the breed they originate from, they’re a creature of very unique quirks.

Elegant, powerful, shapely and sweet, the beautiful dogs are just as up for snuggles as they are for adventures.

It’s these precious idiosyncrasies that present a series of life lessons, hilarities and heartfelt moments for Whippet owners. Here are just a few.

1. Unleashing your Whippet is always a hysterical affair

The Whippet is independent, often aloof and never lost his prey drive. Should anything small, moving and furry catch his eye – he’s off. Leaving you to enjoy a long romantic walk on the beach… with yourself. They are racing masters, after all. However, they do have two speeds: lightning and out cold on the sofa. Which brings us to…

2. You’re used to living with two shadows

Hands up if your furry friend follows you from room to room like he’s attached to your calf? Or cosies up under your blanket? We thought so. Whippets love nothing more than being snuggled up – and are extremely adept at finding cosy spaces where none seem to exist, much to our constant bewilderment.



Whippets love: With their slender physique and sensitive skin, Whippets need luxuriously soft, padded beds to catch up on their beauty sleep. Treat yours to this tweed dog bed with thermo-regulating filling.

3. You’ve experienced a proper tail whipping

Any Whippet owner can relate to the eye-watering lash of the dog’s tail as they pelt pass, Speedy Gonzales style. Like a whip across the thighs. And as for the furniture? That happy tail can clear lampshades, coffee tables, you name it.

4. Your favourite shoes are hidden out of sight, always

If there’s one thing Whippet owners know (and have probably learnt the hard way) it’s to keep your favourite items up high. Waaaay up high. Your lovable critter will chew everything you own and you’ve come to accept that that’s just the way life is now.

5. Bike rides are out of the question

You know those dog owners that breeze by on their bicycles, leash attached to the handlebars, as their pooch gracefully gallops by their side? You are not one of those dog owners. As the fastest accelerating dog in the world, Whippets challenge even Greyhounds for top speed – and you’re likely to hit a bush at 80mph if you even attempt such a thing.

6. You get more excited buying outfits for your dog than you do yourself

Due to their svelte figure and lack of body fat, Whippets get cold easily. To a Whippet owner, this can only mean one thing – a complete and utter fashion frenzy. Wrapping your pooch in a properly-cut coat feels as momentous as Prince Charming bestowing Cinderella with her glass slipper.

Whippets love: End shivering in style with this hand-woven Whippet dog coat in pure wool tweed. Ultra smart, with a soft fleecy lining especially for sensitive Whippet skin.



7. Your dreams of having a watchdog are well and truly quashed

All strangers are welcome in a Whippet’s world. Great for when you have company – not so great if you ever wanted a guard dog. If you were ever burgled, you know fine well the criminal in question would be met with a friendly wagging tail and the soulful smile of your little whip. If they hear a can of dog food opening, however, that’s another scenario entirely…




Gogglebox’s Greyhound Buster is all set for winter

Monday, December 1st, 2014

Gogglebox’s whippet Buster is all set for winter

Fans of hit Channel 4 show Gogglebox would be forgiven for not recognising Buster’s face. Belonging to owners Rev Kate Bottley and her husband Graham, Buster is normally seen lying with his back on a sofa and hind legs sticking into the air.

Greyhounds can get cold very easily so when the LoveMyDog team found out that Buster needed a winter coat we offered to supply Buster with one of our Featherstone Tweed Greyhound Coats.

Rev Kate’s ‘OMG’ reaction was brilliant (that’s Oh My Greyhound just in case you were wondering). After a call to our London studio to get Buster’s measurements the studio set to work.

Our Featherstone design features a warm Sherpa fleece lining, adjustable stud fastenings with matching lead, beds and blankets available.Creating Buster’s ‘canine couture’ coat

LoveMyDog’s Creative Director Lilly Shahravesh says, “As a young child I was completely transfixed the first time I saw a Greyhound. I couldn’t believe how majestic they looked.

I’ve always remained astonished at how powerful they are when running, yet so delicate in features. I wanted to design the most luxurious Greyhound coat to suit this special breed with their own individual shape”

Creating Buster's coat Buster’s tweed dog coat was hand finished in our East London studio

Designed exclusively for whippets and greyhounds, our pure wool Scottish tweed dog coat inspired by Edwardian country house parties is very warm, showerproof and stainproof.

Our Featherstone design features a warm Sherpa fleece lining, adjustable stud fastenings with matching lead, beds and blankets available.

Buster in his new LMD coat with his humans Rev Kate & Graham Buster in his new LMD coat with his humans Rev Kate & Graham

We think Buster looks beautiful in his new tweed coat and we certainly hope it keeps him nice and warm this winter.

Shop the LoveMyDog Greyhound Canine Couture Collection.

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Designer dog coats: Winning whippet

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

designer greyhound dog coat

LoveMyDog recently held a competition to find a new canine Kate Moss to help launch our new Featherstone tweed dog coat, specially designed for the greyhound and whippet shape. As always, a big thanks to all the dashing dogs that took part and congratulations to the winner Timmy who is pictured modelling the coat above.

Cut especially for the lean bodyshape of greyhounds and whippets, this luxury dog coat is the stylish way to end the shivering cold that these breeds suffer from so easily. Created in a hand-woven, pure wool tweed with a fleecy lining, the coat is windproof , showerproof and easy to keep clean. Matching leads are also available from our Thornby Collection.

You can find out more about this stain resistant and showerproof Featherstone tweed dog coat here or see more of our designer dog coats.


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