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...exquisitely made – workmanship is top notch...’s gorgeous – thank you.. fabulous....
...the epitome of canine style....

...beautifully designed....

...the dog bed is fab....

....the new collar is perfect....

....loved the detail....

...the coats are really beautiful....

....the most beautiful collar....

...absolutely perfect....


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Dog tired with Dawn Porter and Chris O’Dowd

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Journalist, presenter, book-writer (we could go on) Dawn Porter and her fiance Chris O’Dowd (IT Crowd and Bridesmaids star) announced their engagement through Twitter back in December.

Dawn has also recently posted photos of their dog Potato and cat Lilu who look very cute curled up asleep together. They apparently have about three beds each but insist on the one pictured above with Dawn saying that “they love it”.

The bed in question is the ultimate in hand-crafted luxury, a LoveMyDog Appleby dog bed. It’s edged with one of our luxury Harris Tweed fabrics, with a hard-wearing fleece top and bottom. We make the beds here in London, cutting and pinning the fabric and finally sewing on the appliqué details all by hand.

Potato also has a matching Harris Tweed blanket and an Elwin dog coat. Dawn describes the dog bed as “Amazing, it’s so gorgeous” whilst Chris says it “Looks amazing. What a lucky bastard”.

If you’re on Twitter you can follow Dawn, Chris and our very own Rabbit.

Deluxe doggy raincoats: Elwin

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

Lilly loves East London, and the inspiration for the name of these particular deluxe doggy raincoats came from a local road called Elwin Street. Rabbit (sporting the olive coat) certainly enjoys his walks there with his friends.

This classic waxed cotton coat caused quite a stir in the canine community when it was featured in the “Truly British Pet-a-Porter Dog Fashion Show” at Harrods London, alongside creations by Vivienne Westwood and Ben de Lisi. Waterproof, windproof and snug, it’s truly a dog coat for all seasons.

The Elwin doggy raincoats are available in navy or olive, and in a range of sizes. For more details click here.

New Spring Collection

Monday, May 9th, 2011

The Spring Collection is about to be launched, and I’ve had a sneak preview. This is the Elwin dog coat – quilted on the outside with a corduroy collar and lined with Tattersall check on the inside. Very town and country. As a mere dog myself, I don’t understand all this fashion mwah, mwah dahling stuff that goes into Lilly’s designs, but I do remember her being very inspired by a Diego Velazquez exhibition a few years back. She’s even kept a postcard all these years, waiting for inspiration to strike.

With love from Rabbit
Official muse at Love My Dog


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