...beautifully made and rather special...

...exquisitely made – workmanship is top notch...’s gorgeous – thank you.. fabulous....
...the epitome of canine style....

...beautifully designed....

...the dog bed is fab....

....the new collar is perfect....

....loved the detail....

...the coats are really beautiful....

....the most beautiful collar....

...absolutely perfect....


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Twiggy wears Harris Tweed

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

Twiggy wears Harris Tweed

Those of you who keep a keen eye on the LoveMyDog blog will know we love getting letters from our customers. And their owners! We received the following photo this week, sent in by Twiggy. No, not that Twiggy. Twiggy the miniature long haired dachshund! (more…)

AW13 designer dog jumpers

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

designing designer dog jumpers
Brrrr. Have you or your pooch been feeling the cold in these past few weeks? LoveMyDog has a range of dog jumpers and sweaters to keep your loved ones cosy (and matching scarves for owners).

Dreams of playing fetch in the park on a warm summer’s day currently feels like a lifetime away but LMD Creative Director Lilly Shahravesh is already thinking way past summer!

“I love this time of year when I start thinking about new dog jumper designs for the new Autumn/Winter season. I always get out my stash of knitting samples going back nearly ten years and have a good rummage”

Lilly’s keeping her new designs top secret at the moment but keep your eyes on our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages for sneak peeks of new designer canine couture items (including those warm dog jumpers) throughout the coming months.

Lauren & Dougal

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Lauren is from the luxury online designer fashion store so obviously knows a hot look when she sees one. There is no chance that she and her fab French Bulldog Dougal will feel the cold at the moment thanks to the LoveMyDog Wilmot collection (the first to feature complementary items for human and pooch). Don’t they look gorgeous rocking their matching red cable knit scarf and sweater?

If you’re looking for a warm sweater for a pretty pooch then LoveMyDog have plenty to choose from here. But if you need a jumper for someone with just two legs, you will certainly have more luck heading to

Say hello to Charlie

Monday, October 31st, 2011

This month we enjoyed a visit from Charlie. She’s a gorgeous Bichon Frise with bags of star quality. (Rabbit was really rather smitten). Her owners couldn’t decide between the Rivington (bottom right) or the Hartwist Collection (top left) so they left with both and a Wilmot Sweater as well.


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