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...the coats are really beautiful....

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Sunday Express – Fabulous Doggy Christmas Gifts

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

LoveMyDog featured in today’s Sunday Express. Their glossy magazine ‘Sunday’ had an article titled ‘Fabulous Christmas gifts to fall in love with’.

Coming in at the top of the pooch page was LoveMyDog with two genuine Harris Tweed products: The Appleby Harris Tweed Pet Carrier and the Pixley Harris Tweed Blanket.

Genuine Harris Tweed

“When I first learnt about the process of genuine Harris Tweed and what it actually entailed I was amazed. There is a fantastic history and heritage of this cloth and I realised how important it was to support and celebrate this. It’s great to respect that process and produce a handmade collection of such a high standard and quality” Lilly Shahravesh, Creative Director of LoveMyDog.

Harris Tweed has been described as “the Champagne of fabrics” and is the only fabric in the world governed by its own Act of Parliament. Genuine Harris Tweed must be made from pure virgin wool. This wool is both dyed and spun on the Hebridean Islands, before being hand woven at the home of the weaver.

Today, Harris Tweed is the only hand woven fabric produced in commercial quantities. The yarn production process uses specially blended yarns produced to secret recipes and then warped before being sent to weavers homes to be hand woven by means of skills which have been handed down from generation to generation. The cloth is then returned to the mill to be finished to very high standards and the final stage in the process is examination and certification by the Independent Harris Tweed Authority.

So if you want to spoil your pooch this Christmas, make sure your your dog couture purchases are properly certified by Harris Tweed.

October collection – photo story of our new Limited Edition Liberty Prints

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Here’s me, swanning around the studio, watching the Liberty Print Limited Edition ‘Swanfield’ collection being cut out ready to be made into bandanas, collars, leads and other lovely stuff. It’s only available in October 2011 and then it’s gone forever.

Shoreditch Unbound: Paw Pagent

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Paw Pageant
Earlier this month LoveMyDog sponsored a pooch pageant in East London. Part of the Shoreditch Unbound festival, the event took place at Old Spitalfields Market.

It was a great day out with lots of dogs taking part and strutting their stuff down the catwalk. LoveMyDog’s Creative Director Lilly Shahravesh was on the judging panel which had lots of fun categories such as Best Bitch in the Ditch, The Pawditch look, Dead ringer, Dressed up to the canines, Best trick AKA shoredtich showoff and Pawfection.

Lilly is pictured with Roxy (an Italian Greyhound) who was chosen as the overall winner for the ‘Best in Ditch’. Congratulations to everyone that took part.

Photography day for the new LoveMyDog A/W collections

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

High stress at the studio – it’s the shoot for the new A/W11 collections. Don’t get snappy (geddit!) – it’s only a few photos. What do you mean, it’s so much more than a few photos. Love Rabbit

Top trend-spotters visit the LoveMyDog studio

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

My new best friend: Heloisa, Editor of Interiors/Homebuildlife from WGSN came to visit the studio and gave me a big hug. WGSN is the world’s biggest online trend-analysis and research service for the fashion industry. Apparently canine couture like ours is ultra-hip, and they came to see how we stay cutting edge. Heloisa – I’m in love. Yours forever, Rabbit.

Photography Going to the Dogs

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

A new Kennel Club exhibition is depicting man’s best friend from the 1850s to the 1950s with a selection of images from Photography Going to the Dogs. Libby Hall has published several books of photographs and attracted a cult following. Her collection is one of the most famous and distinguished in the world.

At the Kennel Club Art Gallery in Mayfair, London, from 18 July 2011 to 13 January 2012.
Photograph above: Libby Hall Collection.
Open Monday to Friday, 9.30am–4.30pm, by appointment only.
Call 020 7518 1064 or email

Four Legged Fashion: We’re raising cash for animal rescue

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Love My Dog was recently on the catwalk in Dallas, Texas. Enterprising dog owner, Terri Tomlinson, and her mixed-breed rescue pup Frank, organised the third annual Canine Couture event to raise money for abandoned pups.

Frank sported our new ‘Elwin’ quilted tattersall coat and our signature Deerstalker hat, bringing a touch of British country style to the proceedings. The event raised lots of money and we’re delighted that Love My Dog could be part of it. In fact, has now raised over $12000 over the last two years. We’re always happy to help charity events for dogs, so do get in touch if you’re raising funds for a worthy doggy cause.

We were on the telly

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

I thought you might like to know that Love My Dog were featured on ITV yesterday. The ‘This Morning Crew’ had set up a mobile grooming parlour on the South Bank and showed five dogs being transformed from shaggy mutts into gorgeous canine superstars.

Every dog was given a new outfit and you can see two of ours: Our ‘English Gentleman’s’ olive green quilted coat, and a corduroy lead and collar from our brand new Spencer collection that’s not even been officially launched yet.

If you’d like to have a look at the show, just click this link here.

Hope you enjoy it,
Rabbit (Official muse at Love My Dog)

PS: The Spencer Corduroy Blue lead and collar isn’t out yet, but if you think you might like it just give the studio a call and I’ll make sure you know about it just as soon as it’s launched.

New Spring Collection

Monday, May 9th, 2011

The Spring Collection is about to be launched, and I’ve had a sneak preview. This is the Elwin dog coat – quilted on the outside with a corduroy collar and lined with Tattersall check on the inside. Very town and country. As a mere dog myself, I don’t understand all this fashion mwah, mwah dahling stuff that goes into Lilly’s designs, but I do remember her being very inspired by a Diego Velazquez exhibition a few years back. She’s even kept a postcard all these years, waiting for inspiration to strike.

With love from Rabbit
Official muse at Love My Dog

Just call me mellow yellow

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Our yellow Fisherman’s Mac Raincoat from the Spring 2009 Collection is suddenly super popular. We’ve had to make up some extras here in the studio for all the orders that have been flooding in. Chloe, one of the assistant designers here has been cutting them out – look at all that wastage. Lilly was oohing and ah-ing over the colours and patterns it makes – but that’s because she sees everything as a designer. I just want to jump in and play!
Love Rabbit Official Muse of Love My Dog

Cutting the Fisherman's Mac Dog Raincoat in the Love My Dog studio

Give your dog the same look as Rabbit, just go online and treat them to a new designer dog raincoat and keep them warm, dry and snug.


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