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Sherlock: How did he survive?

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

Although the excellent second series of BBC’s Sherlock finished a couple of weeks ago, people are still debating on just how Sherlock managed to survive that long fall in the season finale. Rabbit thinks it was actually Moriarty who fell to his death but felt that the mystery cyclist appearing from nowhere was very distracting. As all dogs know, cyclists can be fun to chase and this certainly got Rabbit’s attention.

If your dog’s a Sherlock fan then now might be just the time to purchase a doggy deerstalker. Both the LoveMyDog Thornproof Tweed dog hat and the Hartwist Tweed dog hat are in our current sale. Snap one up whilst stocks last and have the smartest looking hound this side of Baker Street.

Hats off to Charity!

Monday, March 7th, 2011

Help us do a great job raising money for projects at home and abroad.

At last there’s a way we four-legged creatures ‘can’ine join in. I’ve persuaded Lilly, the head designer here at Love My Dog, to create a special edition of our Deerstalker hat in red velvet. And all profits go to charity.

Just like our famous tweed Deerstalker, it’s got a little brim, a button on top, and earflaps you can tie up or down. And it’s individually hand-crafted.

Help us by buying your faithful friend a Red Deerstalker. The more we sell, the bigger the cheque we’ll be handing over. With your help, who ‘nose’ how much we’ll raise.

(Official Love My Dog muse)

As well as our well known dog & cat charities we will also support: Young people & mental health, Young people & alcohol, Illegal trafficking of young people, Alzheimers , domestic abuse, mental health, young carers & local communities. If you have a Charity of your choice that you would also like us to donate to please get in touch.

Sherlock chic

Monday, August 9th, 2010

After watching the BBC’s excellent Sherlock I shall be wearing the deerstalker today.

Deerstalker dog hat

Deerstalker dog hat


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