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RIP Baruch

24 March 2014

by Lovemydog

RIP Baruch
We are very sad to report that Baruch has died at the age of 4 1/2 years old. Baruch, who was also known as Puppy, was one of the two Great Danes that helped out at our Paw Pageant fundraiser for Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

Baruch was supporting charities until the end. In his death he will continue to help others as he did in life. His body has been donated for research to the Animal Health Trust and his heart has gone to Liverpool University to help in their research into DCM in Great Danes.

Baruch’s owner Sharon comments, “We have lost many dogs but although very upset about them have never felt the devastation we feel now. Even our vet tweeted that he was devastated. The house is deadly quiet but he wasn’t noisy. Bellamy is very subdued too.

Yes he was called Puppy by Stuart as the name Baruch was one that Stuart hated. I liked the name for the meaning which was blessing and he was a true blessing.

Stuart has always written a poem when our Danes have died and has done so for Baruch.  It is a tear jerker I am afraid but here it is”

(Our blue Great Dane aka PUPPY)

He gave us four years of joy and delight
Seventy six kilos of muscle and might
With Bellamy his dad true partners for life
But his early years suffered trouble and strife

He gave so much joy to thousand out there
They wanted a photo a memory to share
Or give him a fuss or hold him on lead
Their attention he loved to honour his breed

He gave us a new life and was much in demand
To pose for a photo with minimum command
Whether TV commercial or magazine to write
Whatever he did – a magnificent sight

He gave for charities collecting thousands of pounds
To help others with their ups and their downs
Baruch with his dad a sight to be seen
Tempted most to donate made eager and keen

He gave pints of his blood, the donor supreme
To help other dogs in crisis, his vet would deem
With never a fuss the precious blood given
Saving many a life to duty was striven

He gave his body for research for others
For a better future for canine fathers or mothers
Even after death the giving never ceased
The legacy for Baruch- a magnificent beast

He gave us his love, unconditional and free
And made us feel good which all will agree
Goodbye Baruch we miss you so much
No more hugs and kisses or even a touch

He gave us much joy mere words can’t convey
Our hearts are truly broken but memories will stay
Run free and play oh gentle friend
May you be given deserved joy without end

Our thoughts are with Sharon and Stuart at this difficult time.

You can donate to Baruch’s memorial fund here (all monies will go straight to the Animal Health Trust).

If you, or someone you know, have recently had to say goodbye to a loved one then the DogsTrust have some helpful advice on bereavement here.


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