...beautifully made and rather special...

...exquisitely made – workmanship is top notch...’s gorgeous – thank you.. fabulous....
...the epitome of canine style....

...beautifully designed....

...the dog bed is fab....

....the new collar is perfect....

....loved the detail....

...the coats are really beautiful....

....the most beautiful collar....

...absolutely perfect....


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Top 5 Pug Photos – Love My Pug

5 March 2014

by Lilly Shahravesh

Why we love... pugs
For our first monthly “Love My Breed’ competition, we asked you to send us your favourite Pug photos via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The 5 pug photos below went to a public vote, with the most popular winning an item of ‘canine couture’ from the LoveMyDog collection. Find out who won this Love My Breed competition by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

5 Top Pug Photos - Peggy

1. Peggy

5 Top Pug Photos - Charlie

2. Charlie

5 Top Pug Photos - Queenie

3. Queenie

5 Top Pug Photos - Scampi Pug

4. Scampi Pug

5 Top Pug Photos - Mr. Presley

5. Mr. Presley

After you vote below, you can then check out some of Lilly’s top fashion picks for pugs here.


Congratulations to the public’s winner, Peggy the Pug. We will be getting in touch with your human to arrange your prize. Well done!

  • Samuel Setter

    Well scampi had won

  • Samuel Setter

    Has I mean

  • Zoe Ciereszko Varga

    I’ve voted Charlie. Although my Walter should be there


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